Terracotta handmade clay tiles made of clay (terracotta, mixed with sands, wooden dust) by hands, then first step sun dry and after fire baked in wood ovens, color 100% natural red, fire temperature goes from 980 to 1050° C. Ovens are big and circular, diameter of MT 4, 5 and height MT 2, 8 (approximate sizes). Capacity of oven is from 4000 to 9000 pieces.

  • The clays are extracted and selected from 2/3 feet under the plain paddy land, and mixed carefully to offer you a unique piece in its texture, color and durability.
  • We add water to the clay until we have the perfect consistency to allow the pieces to be chapped in the mold.
  • Each tile is produced individually and is placed on the ground for a period of three days, allowing the sun and the wind to cure and dry it.
  • We carefully pack each and every piece in pallets which are then transported in containers to their final destination.